More about No Boys In The Booth

Inspired by an unexpected Sandra Collins B2B Kristina Sky set at festival, Tee, the creator and director of No Boys in the Booth decided to pursue a mission to empower female artists and change the ratio of women to men in the EDM industry.

Fueled by this inspiration, Tee recreated that B2B experience in Minneapolis on April 14th, 2017. With over 350+ people in attendance, that show became the birth of No Boys in the Booth. Motivated by the show’s success and positive feedback from industry experts, Tee continued to host events and seek talented and unique female artists from around the globe. NBITB alumni include, Sam Divine, Eli & Fur, Lady Faith, Christina Novelli, Nala, Nifra, JPhlip, J Worra, and many more. It has also been a great opportunity to feature local female talent.

The success doesn’t stop there and Tee’s never-ending hustle has paid off. January 2022 was the debut of a branded NBITB stage on Groove Cruise. GC is “The world’s premiere electronic dance music cruise.” If you would like to join Tee So and be a part of her amazing NBITB crew then head over groovecruise.com and use promo code = NOBOYSINTHEBOOTH. You will save $50/person. Your support is greatly appreciated!

What’s next for No Boys in the Booth? The goal is to continue to grow the network of female professionals in the EDM industry. Whether you are a DJ, artist, audio/visual technician, promoter, working back-stage, in the booth or booking the venue we want to hear from you and discuss working together to empower fellow women in the EDM industry. Feel free to reach out to Tee So on any of her socials. Help fight the good fight.

More about Tee So

Tee So – Minneapolis, MN (She/Her)
Not one to hang out backstage, Tee regularly takes her place behind the decks. Delivering outstanding performances all across country, she always serves up a hot plate of the vibes of yesterday and hearty helping of today’s relevance. She appreciates all sorts of genres but is especially known for House music and the best way to describe her djing style is Dynamic. She’s brilliant at reading the crowd vibe. There’s no doubt she will take you on a journey. She also produces and wrote her first song about her cat, Lucky Kitty. Check it out on all the major music platforms.

More about Sax Sells

Sax Sells – Minneapolis, MN
Cora, the saxophonist, and Tee So, the DJ, make up this dynamic duo. These best friends met on the rugby pitch back in 2015 and both shared a love for EDM and dancing. They once agreed, wouldn’t it be cool to dj and play sax together someday?” Well, that pipe dream became reality in 2017 and they’ve never looked back. Their sound ranges from classic house to top 40 bangers to melodic bass. Tee drops the track and Cora seamlessly adds that saxy vibe. Their unique style is unmatched and will leave you begging for more.